Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few of the kind words our clients have said about us and our services over the years.


A Blade Of Grass

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for getting us on board with our GPS system. It’s so helpful to see where the trucks are, at any given moment, on any day of the week. It’s great to see what crew I can send out to help another, just by looking online. Even my project managers and crew leaders call and ask: “Hey Fletcher, can you tell me where the nearest crew is?” It’s definitely a two way street for my staff and for myself. We’re in it together. I think the top two things I like the most are having the Geo Fence’s around both our yards and the properties we are working at longer term. The other being able to keep an eye on the speed in which the trucks are traveling. Once you can stop a dump truck from exceeding 70 mph with 6 tons of gravel, it immediately becomes clear it can be helpful for the things you can’t always see without it. As for your service to our company, it’s awesome! It’s nice to get you emails just to check in or your quick follow up to the questions we may have had in the past.” ― Tom Fletcher


B.C. Tent & Awning Co., Inc

“Early yesterday morning one of our install crews were heading out for the day and stopped at a Dunkin Donuts for their morning coffee. While in the store someone got in the truck and drove off. Fortunately it was one of our Budget Rental units that we had installed a GPS unit. I was able to track the truck and report actual positions to the police as the truck moved through the area. I tracked it on and off the highway and up onto Boston, where it was stopped and the driver arrested. Of course it did cost us to get the truck back from the impound yard, but because we were able to track the movement the whole thing went rather quickly and we were able to get it back and continue on to the customer and get the tent installed on time.Another instance where the GPS tracking has come in 1-800-660-TENT” ― B.C. Tent & Awning Co., Inc


Brodie Toyota Lift

“Brodie Toyota Lift signed up in 2009 and have been thrilled with their technology, ease of use and support. We are a Mobile Forklift company and service the entire Boston MA area. Labor downtime is our biggest expense. The software enables us to continually improve productivity by decreasing Downtime, overtime and time spent away from job sites. It has also lowered our liability by monitoring speeding and alerting us of any problems. We have seen a significant return on investment and would recommend it to anyone looking to have a tighter control on their operation. We love the Phone App! We find it very easy to view where all our trucks are at that moment.” ― Timothy Adamowich


Engineers Construction Inc.

“We've cut our fuel costs by over $10,000 per month, and saved 10 hours a month on preparing our IFTA reports.” ― Scott Burns

Giant Logo

Giant Landscaping

“We have found great value in having this GPS system on our trucks and equipment. With the most recent landscaping thefts in the area, we sleep a little bit better knowing that in a way we have eyes on our company. On the other end of things, having the ability to verify employee hours as well as provide proof to clients of when we were on site has helped us realize significant savings. To top it off, the team at GPS Fleet Consulting works hard to ensure we are trained well and able to get the full benefit of the system as updates become available” ― Giant Landscaping


Master Trimmers

“Tracking our vehicles with GPS has saved us a lot of time and money. We had a situation with one of our customers where they claimed that we were negligent by failing to apply ice melt on their parking lot and a customer slipped and fell. The injured customer sued the company, but we were able to prove that we were on their property at the time in question by showing them our GPS records. They were not able to say that we did not perform our duties. Without our records we would probably be in the middle of a lawsuit.” ― Erin Leighty


Matthes Landscaping, LLC

“Just wanted to check in to let you know that we are loving the GPS system this winter!!! In just 2 months , it's helped us three times with billing disputes…which equals over $3000 in savings. The system has more than paid for itself in the 1st 2 months of usage. From a customer service stand point, it’s been wonderful informing our customers where our crews are at all time!” ― Erin Matthes


Newton Construction

“With this GPS system, and the excellent customer support from Corey, I have been able to increase my efficiencies in dispatching, IFTA reporting, employee time management, customer service, maintenance scheduling, and overall line of sight, eliminating hundreds of phone calls. Also using it more these days in quoting jobs. I could not imagine operating a fleet without this system.” ― Jeff Newton


NorthPoint Outdoors

“VehiclePath has revolutionized the way we manage, dispatch, monitor and interact with our service crews. The user interface is extremely user friendly and simple to use. We currently employ the system on our office computers, truck mounted tablets as well as smart phones. Having the ability to login anywhere, and with a quick glance of the control panel see the current location, speed and overview map of the entire equipment fleet has proved to be a very powerful business tool.  The team at GPS Fleet Consulting has more than profession and helpful from the initial GPS unit installation to answering questions we had while setting up and with the easy to use software.” ― Dave Fairburn

2.PL-Landscaping_Horizontal_Logo Cropped (2)

P&L Landscaping

“Since installing GPS in our fleet of 17 vehicles the results have been 10X the investment. We are able to give customers a better arrival time for service, accurately track time on site for billing and correct routes for optimal driving time. The Low Battery alert has helped save on jump starts. The true savings for us comes from the winter. Ability to instantly see where the equipment is and redirect to the next needed site. With the log reports and print outs, these become invaluable 12 months later when we are notified of a slip and fall, as this is how it happens in New England. We can go back to the reports and provide them to our insurance company to close out any potential lawsuit.” ― Eric Brand

Testimonial - Pro Turf.

ProTurf Landscaping

“We've been using GPS Fleet Consulting for over 2 years now. We have units installed in all of our trucks and subcontractor's trucks. It's been one of our best money saving decisions in all of our 13 years of business. We turn to our GPS for location and time information many times per day. It's helped in billing disputes, employee accountability, and insurance claims which has saved us thousands of dollars! There's no way we could go back to running Pro-Turf Landscaping without having GPS tracking. Corey's customer service is top-notch! We recommend GPS Fleet Consulting to all of our colleagues. It's key to running a successful landscaping business.” ― Chris Beaudry

gps vehicle tracking systems installed for Soil Away LLC in NH

Soil Away Cleaning & Restoration Services

“The services of GPS Fleet Consulting have been a great asset to the operation of our business for over two years now.   We monitor over a dozen vehicles daily in an organized and efficient manner.  It helps with driver accountability, client billing, and company transparency.  It is a "must have" investment for any company with a fleet of vehicles!” ― Josh Solloway

young and sons landscaping logo

Young and Sons Inc. Landscape and Irrigation Professionals

“Just wanted to say thank you for one of the best investments I’ve ever made!!I had a truck and trailer stolen last night. The tracking system allowed the police to find the truck and trailer with my assistance using the software . Also recovered some of the equipment today because the system showing the stop point where they off loaded my equipment and hid it.Without your service I’d Be without equipment , truck and trailer!  Thank you!Eric Young, Young & Sons,Inc” ― Young and Sons Inc.